Swarm of locusts invading Russia looks like the end of the world

The year 2016 was pretty bad, but hey, it's 2017 now and we have a swarm of locusts invading the Earth. Everything is fine. The clip at the top of this post was filmed in the East Kazakhstan region on Wednesday, and shows a vehicle driving into a swarm of countless locusts. During a second incident in another location in southern Russia, a truck driver traveling along a highway in the republic of Dagestan captured a gray cloud slowly approaching the vehicle. When the cloud gets closer, as seen Read more [...]

Tourists explore exactly what not to do when you see a wild bear

As kids we're taught bears are cute and cuddly creatures. We make them into stuffed animals and give them a cute name. Kids sleep with them. The reality is that bears are predators capable of killing a human with minimal effort. They do not give a shit about your selfies. Plus, bears getting used to humans can be fatal for bears. They're wild animals that need to stay wild. Philip de Roo was traveling through Algonquin Park in Canada when he noticed a commotion on the side of the road. A group Read more [...]

Intense clip shows a whale nearly crushing a small boat loaded with tourists

They're gonna need a bigger boat.  Mark Collins was on vacation with his family near Exmouth, Australia when he noticed a whale in the water close to the Tantabiddi boat ramp. He began filming, and captured a whale showing off its impressive jumping abilities. Just as the family was discussing how dangerous the situation could turn, a whale breaches the water, landing just feet from a small boat loaded with tourists. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. “My 12 year-old-son absolutely Read more [...]

Good samaritan bitten by rabid bobcat trying to help man and his dog

A rabid bobcat attacked two men and a dog in Anthem, Arizona, on Sunday. According the Daisy Mountain Fire Department, a man was walking his German shepherd when a vicious bobcat began to chase them. A good samaritan saw the attack, jumped out of his vehicle and went to aid the man and his dog while another bystander filmed the incident. In the clip, the man can be seen pulling the bobcat off the dog, but when it releases, the bobcat grabs hold on the man's hand.  "Oh my god, now the bobcat's Read more [...]

Dog channels horse while letting out the cutest sneeze

Animal sneezes never fail to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. A good puppy sneeze does wonders for our moods. And we've found a very good sneeze from a very good pup that will lift your spirits, too. But don't be mistaken — even though you may think this dog is a horse after you hear his neigh-sneeze hybrid, this pup is still very much a pup. Very good horse attempt though. Turn your volume up, play this video on repeat one hundred times, and be happy. This article is published Read more [...]

Cat that ingested antifreeze saved by the elixir of life: Vodka

Vodka is the last drink you'd expect to save lives. Yet it was the antidote which helped a cat from Queensland, Australia, escape death after it was believed to have ingested a toxic antifreeze, possibly from a bait. Tipsy, as the feline is now known, was found next to a tyre store on the weekend and rushed to RSPCA Queensland's animal hospital where it was believed to have less than an hour to live, according to ABC News. "It just so happened that one of our nurses had a bottle of vodka laying Read more [...]

Security cam footage shows break in was actually just a jerk goat

When employees of Argonics Inc. arrived at work on Monday morning, they discovered that the front door to their Colorado office had been shattered.  Initially, the team expected a burglary, but nothing was actually missing from the office. Luckily, the company had a security camera installed, which told a very different story. The camera captured a disorderly goat vandalizing the front door with a few good rams. When the glass on the door broke, the goat just proudly scampered away. What a jerk.  This Read more [...]

Here is the best bull wearing a tire like a tutu we’ve ever seen

"Don't know how he did it." A bull on the Weeping Fox Ranch in Hartley, Iowa, managed to get himself in a very odd predicament. Somehow, the 11-month animal got caught inside a large tractor tire that was being used as a hay ring in its enclosure. It sorta looks like a pool floatie, so maybe the bull was just trying to go for a dip. Luckily, the farmers managed to get the tire off the bull after just a few minutes of effort.  This article is published on 17 July 2017 8:46 pm Source Read more [...]

Very good dog jumps into water and rescues baby deer from drowning

A good dog named Storm was captured on camera rescuing a baby deer. Mark Freeley says he was walking along the beach with dogs Storm and Sarah on Sunday when his pup jumped into the Long Island Sound to investigate an object in the water. Turns out it was a baby deer, struggling to swim.  "Storm is trying to save this baby deer," Freeley can be heard saying. "I think he's trying to save him."  Freeley then encouraged Storm with a few "good boy" calls. After bringing the deer to shore, it was Read more [...]

Kind fishermen rescue a poor seal completely trapped in net

We hate seeing animals in distress, and wish we could rescue them all from harm's way. When two fishermen from Maine saw a seal trapped in a fishing net floating in the water, they immediately took action to rescue the little sea puppy. They lifted the seal onto their boat, and carefully cut away the net to set him free. The seal barks a bit throughout the process, but we think he knows he's in good hands. Once the net is cut, the seal wiggles free and is placed back into the water, but not before Read more [...]