Ice cream-stealing baby won’t let grandma get a taste

Give a baby food, and there will be a mess. Give a baby an ice cream cone? Forget it. Get ready for an ice cream bath.  Facebook user Ashley Cavanaugh posted this video of her baby daughter Emma sharing a cone with grandma. By "sharing," we mean stealing, and by "grandma," we mean the poor woman who's about to be completely covered in ice cream. Emma's truly becoming one with this cone. So much so that she literally gives it a hug to bring it closer. Grandma sneaks one lick in there before Emma Read more [...]

Adorable baby calls his dad a rather rude word, promptly falls asleep

Being a little language sponge is such exhausting work. This little fella had enough of it after a gruelling session of repeating names. SEE ALSO: Relatable baby flamingo is trying very hard to be an adult He cruises through "mommy," no problem. When he gets to "daddy," he riffs on it freestyle for a bit, then points and says ... "cock" ? (Or is it "dog"?) He doesn't stay awake long enough to entertain questions though — clever tactic, kid. Read more... More about Watercooler, Funny, Viral Read more [...]

Grandpa sends a very grandpa text after birth announcement

Grandpas are often the kings of understatement and they all bow down to this supreme overlord of "meh."  A Redditor shared a photo Thursday of their grandfather reacting to the birth of his grandchild, and it sounds like the grandpa is just overflowing with joy. So filled with joy that all he text say is "Ok." Maybe the miracle of childbirth simply seems less impressive when you get to a certain age or maybe this Grandpa just isn't too text savvy.Either way, reacting to the wonder of newborn life Read more [...]

These rescue kangaroos are so excited for their midday snack

A wildlife shelter in Victoria, Australia put out this adorable Kangaroo video with a call for donations.The clip features five hungry young 'roos lined up next to each other enjoying their bottle brunch. Who doesn't love a good bottle with brunch?The rescued kangaroos are named Jade, Furball, Misty, Dave, Sophie, and Daisy — and they are all perfect. This article is published on 22 June 2017 10:34 pm Source link Read more [...]

Baby has an adorable reaction to her aunt’s EEG leads

The internet fell in love with a confused little girl. Blogger Jordyn Smith uploaded some photos to Twitter of her niece reacting to her EEG leads, and of course, it was simply precious. Smith has epilepsy and her EEG (electroencephalogram) leads are used to monitor her brain activity.  Babies, however, don't understand what any of this means, so 9-month-old Amina was pretty confused when she saw her auntie.  At the time of this writing, Smith's post has been retweeted over 70,000 times and Read more [...]

Russell Westbrook’s baby looks so much like him it’s eerie

Are you seeing this?Image: Mcafee/CSM/REX/ShutterstockBy Sam Laird2017-06-14 19:54:31 UTC Russell Westbrook, NBA star and human supernova, announced the birth of his first son in an adorable Instagram photo in May.  Now Westbrook just shared a photo of his boy at one-month old and, um, it sure looks like baby Noah is a chip off the old block. No, seriously: it's actually a little eerie just how much the 28-year-old Russell and 1-month-old Noah look alike.  The internet certainly noticed.  This Read more [...]

Baby hippo gives mommy a mouth massage because hippo bonding is weird

Humans tend to show their mothers love with things like phone calls, hugs, and a commercialized holiday dedicated to the wonderful women who brought us into this strange and confusing world. However, hippo affection is simply just strange and confusing.  When the Cincinnati Zoo uploaded this video of their famous hippo baby, Fiona, exploring her mom Bibi's mouth, they had to explain that this ritual isn't as disturbing as it may look. "Hippos use their mouths to act tough, play, show affection, Read more [...]

These precious little baby bears can’t even climb up this fence

NBC Connecticut posted a video to their Facebook page "that may just be the cutest bear video we've ever seen."  In the clip, four adorable bear cubs attempt to follow a mama bear over a fence. One manages to get all the way to the top but seems to be unsure of what to do next. The other three struggle to shimmy their little bodies any further, until one of them simply gives up and dashes off-screen. The woman swooning over these cute cubs in the background saying, "aww, they can't climb" is basically Read more [...]

Bobby Moynihan announces he’s expecting a girl with an adorable ‘Wonder Woman’ post

Wonder Woman has captured the hearts of audiences of all ages. In fact, Bobby Moynihan is wondering if the film is age-appropriate for those that haven't even been born yet. Moynihan, who is expecting a child with his wife, Brynn O'Malley, took to Instagram on Tuesday to reach out to the Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, and make a special announcement.  Bobby Moynihan and his wife, Brynn O'MalleyImage: Carolyn Contino/REX/ShutterstockMoynihan asked, "Quick question. How soon do you think Read more [...]

Baby wakes up from deep sleep to jam out to his favorite song

No matter how tired, drunk, or bored you are in the club, there's always that one song that comes on that makes you want to DANCE. We're not just talking about bobbing your head a little - we mean dance. For this baby, that song just happens to be Post Malone's "Congratulations" and his club just happens to be a bed. According to Youtube user , this young rap fan is her little boy and he is "Posty's #1 fan" who listens to this song "EVERYSINGLEDAY." No wonder why when he hears it he goes from Read more [...]