Paul Ryan tried to be #relatable on emoji day and it did not go well at all

Image: screenshot/twitter/speaker ryanBy Brian Koerber2017-07-17 22:36:39 UTC "Because my kids don’t think of me as an emoji guy, I go crazy on emojis," Speaker Paul Ryan said in a video celebrating #WorldEmojiDay on Monday. Yes, America. While you are biting your nails over the GOP's secretive health care reform bill, Speaker Ryan tried to relate to the youth of our country and appear as a #fun family man through his use of emoji. It's OK, though. 2017 has been a slow year for the United Read more [...]

Google is bringing back its blob emoji — in Allo

This is why we can't have nice emoji. Google has decided to revive its "blob" emoji in the form of a sticker pack for its messaging app Allo. A quick refresher: Google revealed earlier this year that it will introduce completely redesigned emoji as part of the upcoming Android O update. The new characters look much more like the modern emoji on iOS and other platforms, as opposed to those shapeless yellow lumps with indecipherable expressions that make you 😬 . But, of course, because people hate Read more [...]

Facebook celebrates World Emoji Day by releasing some pretty impressive facts

Internet lovers everywhere are honoring their favorite emoticons by celebrating World Emoji Day, and still trying to find a reason to use that file folder emoji. Facebook observed the big day by releasing some impressive emoji usage facts, including that 60 million emoji are sent on Facebook everyday. But that's nothing compared to the average of 5 billion emoji sent every day through Messenger.  Messenger users seem to be filled with laughter and love these days because of those 5 billion emoji Read more [...]

Nobody uses emoji better than Cher uses emoji

Today is World Emoji Day, an unofficial (see also: made up) holiday designed to celebrate emoji and it's impact on the world (🙄 🙃 🤔 ). And while people all over the globe are joining in the festivities — Apple just released new emoji, the Empire State Building will blaze yellow, etc. —  there's only one real way to honor World Emoji Day: Stop literally everything you are doing this moment and stare in awe at Cher's truly next level emoji game. For the uninitiated, Cher is a pop icon Read more [...]

New Apple emoji include headscarf woman, breastfeeding mom, and more

Happy World Emjoi Day, 24 hours in which we realized that there still isn't an emoji for every mood, activity, job, and clothing style. The good news is that the emoji-creation industry is always racing to catch up with real-world social mores. Now, we have the promise of "woman with headscarf" and "breastfeeding." Of the two, the Headscarf Woman, who seems to be staring into your soul, is the most emotive, while Breastfeeding Mom is, as she should be, consumed with her task and  stares down lovingly Read more [...]

China censors ‘RIP’ and the candle emoji as people mourn Nobel Peace Prize winner

Shortly after Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo's death was announced, China's biggest social network has started censoring a host of words — and even emoji — typically used in mourning posts. Users on Weibo found on Friday that they couldn't search for the candle emoji, as well as keywords like RIP.  Liu, a well-known human rights activist and dissident, passed away on Thursday after battling liver cancer. He was serving an 11-year sentence in a Chinese prison, and was granted medical Read more [...]

How a ridiculous bird became an emoji hero

They call themselves disciples. Their first commandment: party or die. OK, well, maybe not really die, but that party part — that’s for real. The Disciples of Sirocco are a group of Redditors obsessed with party parrot, a multicolored, animated bird emoji who always looks to be having the time of his life. Their mission was to turn the emoji into an internet-dominating meme and, with the help of other dedicated followers, they’ve succeeded. Party parrot, who seems to have originated on the Read more [...]

Dwayne Johnson has us scratching our heads over his emoji opinions

In a random, bizarre Twitter exchange Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson revealed his unusual opinion about a certain emoji.  On Wednesday, illustrator Olly Gibbs pointed out on Twitter the similarities between the poster for the old Jumanji movie and the poster for the one for Johnson's new (really, old) movie, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Defending his movie's honor, the actor told Gibbs to see the movie first before judging, and then makes this confusing proclamation about the 🤔  emoji. Haha Read more [...]

Kayak’s emoji search function brings the speed and fun of texting to travel

Travel should be fun, not a hellish slog through dystopian security checkpoints and zombie-service employees with penal institution levels of charm.  That's why Kayak's decision to add a bit of whimsy into the travel process by adding an emoji search function is more than welcome.  If you're not emoji fluent, this is the perfect excuse to step up your emoji game and learn about some of the more obscure symbols hiding in your texting arsenal.  The function doesn’t work for all cities yet, but Read more [...]