How Google’s Jigsaw is fighting the darkest part of the internet

Fake news, terrorist propaganda, hateful comments — the internet is not the nicest place in the world. Jigsaw is trying to change that.  Formerly under Google, Jigsaw now is a subsidiary within Alphabet. The company, under the direction of Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt and Google Ideas founder Jared Cohen, focuses on researching some of the darkest corners of the internet and implementing ways to address them..  Yasmin Green, head of research and development at Jigsaw, joined Mashable's Biz Read more [...]

New fake video tool can make Barack Obama say anything

Image: University of WashingtonBy Michael Nuñez2017-07-17 14:34:05 UTC We live in scary times. It's often hard to distinguish reality from fantasy, and it doesn't help that our very own president, Mr. Donald J. Trump, obsessively rants about "fake news media" anytime he's criticized. Sadly, fake news isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and it's probably going to get much worse in the near future thanks to new video editing tools being made by scientific researchers. Researchers at the University Read more [...]

Twitter reportedly explores the idea of a fake news button

Image: JAAP ARRIENS/NURPHOTO/GETTYBy Kerry Flynn2017-06-29 21:49:52 UTC See something on Twitter that may be false? Maybe an alternative fact?  The company is "exploring" a feature that would let you flag the tweet as containing "misleading, false, or harmful information," The Washington Post reported Thursday, citing two anonymous people familiar with the matter.  It remains to be seen if the feature will ever see the light of the day.  "We are not currently testing this nor do we have Read more [...]

New Yorker cartoon brilliantly trolls Trump for his fake Time cover

The fake 'Times' cover Trump has displayed at several of his golf coursesImage: The Washington Post/Getty ImagesBy Margaret Sullivan2017-06-29 18:47:04 UTC By now, you might have heard that President Trump has a fake Time magazine cover prominently displayed in several of his golf courses.  Luckily enough, we live in an age where no blunder of proportions that massive goes unchecked by the public. This morning, the New Yorker released this brilliant cartoon that perfectly sums up the entire Read more [...]

Seth Meyers calls Trump’s Time cover the ‘definition of fake news’

President Trump, as you hopefully don't know by now, keeps fake photoshopped Time covers of himself throughout his various properties. So it's only natural that Seth Meyers called out the "Fake News!" president for not only producing but distributing fake news throughout his ramshackle empire. Watch and feel a small sense of limited comedic justice. This article is published on 29 June 2017 8:42 am Source link Read more [...]

Here’s a way Facebook is actually fighting fake news

Image: ERIC RISBERG/AP/REX/SHUTTERSTOCKBy Kerry Flynn2017-06-28 21:00:00 UTC Facebook is cutting down on misinformation— AKA fake news—shared on the world's largest social network. A new tweak to its API (a fancy acronym for shared code) will prevent Facebook users from changing the headline, description, and image that is shared when posting a link, Facebook revealed in a post on its developers blog.  That means Facebook users can no longer post an article titled "Here's a way Facebook Read more [...]

There’s a fake ‘Time’ magazine cover proudly displayed at several of Trump’s golf courses

President Trump is known as a bit of an egomaniac. But would he really adorn the walls of several of his properties with a Time magazine cover feature about himself that is not real? It seems that way. According to a report by the Washington Post, mounted on the wall of at least four of Trump's golf courses is a framed Time magazine cover, featuring his portrait, dated March 1, 2009. There's just one tiny problem — there was no issue of Time magazine on that date. In fact, the real Time cover Read more [...]

Facebook’s fake news problem continues apace

A few months ago, amid much fanfare, Facebook started rolling out its new tool against fake news which warns users when they try to post fake stories on the platform. The feature, announced in December is the result of a collaboration with "third-party fact-checking organisations" — such as Snopes and The Associated Press in the US and Full Fact in the UK.  However, that doesn't seem to have stopped blatantly fake stories from growing on the social network.  The most recent example is a story Read more [...]

Don’t believe those ugly conspiracy theories around the Grenfell Tower fire

Another tragedy, another sad opportunity for ugly conspiracy theories.  In the aftermath of the horrendous fire that ripped through a 24-story high-rise block in West London killing at least 30 people, there was an abundance of these theories on 4chan /pol/, the hotbed of the alt-right. The majority revolved around the fact that, although Grenfell Tower was engulfed by a massive blaze for hours, it didn't collapse on itself.  Unsurprisingly, many people made comparisons with the 9/11 terrorist Read more [...]

Shocking report claims fake news is remarkably cheap to produce

Fake news stories are said to have been placed on social media during recent U.S. election Fake Facebook news stories.Image: Jeff Blackler/REX/ShutterstockBy Michael Nuñez2017-06-15 17:17:37 UTC Fake news is a very real problem, one that can sway elections and have monumental effects on society. Now, a new cybersecurity research report claims that producing a fake news campaign is not only incredibly cheap — it's also super easy to execute. A new report from the cybersecurity firm Trend Read more [...]