New Apple emoji include headscarf woman, breastfeeding mom, and more

Happy World Emjoi Day, 24 hours in which we realized that there still isn't an emoji for every mood, activity, job, and clothing style. The good news is that the emoji-creation industry is always racing to catch up with real-world social mores. Now, we have the promise of "woman with headscarf" and "breastfeeding." Of the two, the Headscarf Woman, who seems to be staring into your soul, is the most emotive, while Breastfeeding Mom is, as she should be, consumed with her task and  stares down lovingly Read more [...]

Android users want to get pregnant, iPhone users don’t

We know there are differences between iPhone and Android users. Android users are more honest. More women own iPhones.  But the differing trends may extend to family planning, too. According to a survey by the fertility and period tracking app Dot (and its parent company, Cycle Technologies), Android owners use the app to plan pregnancy, while iOS users download the cycle tracker to prevent it.  The app analyzed metrics from 50,000 active users. Twenty-five percent of Dot users on Android operating Read more [...]

Latest iOS 11 beta hints at possible livestreaming feature

Image: vicky leta/mashableBy Raymond Wong2017-07-12 15:20:40 UTC Well, well, well, what do we have here? Apple released iOS 11 developer beta 3 the other day and there's a new feature that hints at possible native livestreaming. When you go into the redesigned Control Center and 3D Touch or long press on the Screen Recording shortcut button, the menu now says "Start Broadcast."  On previous betas, the menu button said "Start Recording,"as shown on an iPad running iOS 11 public beta 1: Image: Read more [...]

How iOS 14 will be Apple’s smartest software ever

We've repeated this many times here before, but there are a few truisms that can be said for any future iPhone: it will have the fastest processor, the best camera and at least one unique feature you can't get on any other iPhone. That's as true now as it will be in 2020. But it's time to add one more item to the list: intelligence.  As important as processing power and superior optics are now, machine learning, artificial intelligence and personalization will also be paramount to future iPhones Read more [...]

Tweetstorm reveals why Google pulled the YouTube app from the iPhone

If you had an iPhone before iOS 6, you probably remember this setup.Image: Alex Segre/REX/ShutterstockBy Brett Williams2017-06-30 18:07:08 UTC When the iPhone launched 10 years ago, it came with YouTube as a default app on iOS 1. The pairing of the Google-owned video platform and Apple wasn't as odd then as it might seem today — the first commercial version of Android didn't debut until 2008.  But that doesn't mean that the Apple/ Google collaboration was a happy marriage. The YouTube app Read more [...]

Imagining the future of Apple’s iconic smartphone

If we asked you to close your eyes and describe an iPhone, the image in your head would be pretty clear. It would probably look something like this: It’s a rectangle with rounded corners, with another rectangle — the display — on the front, a circular home button below the screen, a few more buttons on the left and right sides and maybe the top, and a charging port on the bottom. There have so far been 15 different iPhone models, and they all fit that description. Some people might look at Read more [...]

Mystery Apple car suggests 3D street view coming to Apple Maps

Apple is currently driving a tricked-out, super-data-sucking car all over the world, but no one really knows why. Details about where in the world to find the Apple Maps car are here, but beyond promising that the data will be used to improve Apple Maps (which many people believe needs improving), there’s no information about what Apple is planning or what these cars can do. Now that we’ve spotted one of these white giants on the road, thanks to the eagle eye of our own Sam Sheffer, we have Read more [...]

Apps will be worth $6.3 trillion by 2021, and we’ll spend way too much time on them

Our phones are cluttered with (mostly useless) apps.Image: lili sams/mashableBy Molly Sequin2017-06-27 19:51:51 UTC Global app usage is soaring and apps are set to be a more massive business than ever, according to a new report.  The total time we spend in mobile apps is expected to pass 3.5 trillion hours by 2021 as the value of apps around the world increases to more than $6 trillion, according to the latest forecasts from app analytics company App Annie. This says a lot about how we spend Read more [...]

It’s a whole new world

Apple’s iPad isn’t getting the same kind of love from consumers it enjoyed in its early days. Perhaps that’s a why Apple is now lavishing it with so much attention.  iOS 11, which enters public beta today, is a love letter to the tablet, giving it the kind of radical makeover no longer possible (or at least expected) through hardware redesign. I’ve owned an iPad since the very first model, used every iteration since, including the more powerful iPad Pros, and run every iOS on them since Read more [...]

Binky is a fake social media app for antisocial people

Most people scroll through their phones on the train instead of looking at peopleImage: Drew angerer/Getty ImagesBy Molly Sequin2017-06-12 16:36:17 UTC Social media is an ingrained part of modern life in 2017. Checking what's happening on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks throughout the day is a habit for millions of people, even if it's just to see how many likes that epic pic of your glow-in-the-dark donut is getting. Of course, social media also has problems. For starters, there's the Read more [...]