New iOS update fixes a very dangerous bug

Apple released a new version of its mobile platform, iOS 10.3.3, on Wednesday, fixing a couple of security issues. Sounds like business as usual, but one of the bugs squashed with this update was actually quite serious.   The issue, first reported by security expert Nitay Artenstein, let attackers execute arbitrary code on the Wi-Fi chip of an iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch.  That particular bug, dubbed Broadpwn, is different from most security vulnerabilities as it requires zero user interaction. Read more [...]

Add a second screen to your iPhone with the InkCase i7

The InkCase i7 is rising through the ranks as one of the most unique cases on the market – and it’s guaranteed to transform the way you use your phone. Whether you’re a bookworm or someone with lots to do, this case is for you. What is it? It’s a phone case with an ink screen on the back. It allows you to display photos, eBooks, news posts, and more. It also comes with an inbuilt battery and storage space. The BubblePro Technology protects your phone with shock absorption and waterproof Read more [...]

Apple is working on a way to let you covertly call 911 in an emergency

Apple filed a patent for technology that will let you covertly call 911.Image: B. Tongo/Epa/REX/ShutterstockBy Margaret Sullivan2017-07-18 20:30:45 UTC Calls to emergency services could become just a fingerprint away, thanks to Apple's latest innovation. A patent application from Apple published Tuesday, according to CNBC, described technology that would trigger a 911 call in a way that is designed to hide your actions from attackers.  This "panic command," when activated, would provide your Read more [...]

Apple’s ‘iPhone 9’ might have chips made by Samsung

As the world braces for the iPhone's big 10 year anniversary later this year, chatter is already beginning to bubble up about next year's version, unofficially dubbed the "iPhone 9." The latest rumor involves one of Apple's biggest rivals, Samsung. According to a report Korean publication The Investor, Apple is expected to tap Samsung to produce the chips that will power the high-powered iPhone 9 next year. The publication says Samsung's purchased "advanced chip manufacturing equipment" to create Read more [...]

This iPhone photo has made it onto billboards across the world

Image: fabomania/instagramBy Yvette Tan2017-07-18 08:48:56 UTC You know what they say — it's not about the camera you have, it's what you do with it. When Filipino Instagrammer Francis Olarte snapped a photo of his niece, he wasn't expecting it to be seen by million across the world.  Francis, who currently resides in Singapore, went swimming with his niece Ava, when he decided he wanted to test his new water-resistant iPhone 7. He snapped a few photos of her and uploaded one of them to Read more [...]

New Apple emoji include headscarf woman, breastfeeding mom, and more

Happy World Emjoi Day, 24 hours in which we realized that there still isn't an emoji for every mood, activity, job, and clothing style. The good news is that the emoji-creation industry is always racing to catch up with real-world social mores. Now, we have the promise of "woman with headscarf" and "breastfeeding." Of the two, the Headscarf Woman, who seems to be staring into your soul, is the most emotive, while Breastfeeding Mom is, as she should be, consumed with her task and  stares down lovingly Read more [...]

Book spa treatments with Google, take retro photos, and more

Start updating your smartphone.Image: Lili sams/mashableBy Molly Sequin2017-07-15 15:00:00 UTC Too caught up in the battle for net neutrality to keep up with all the new apps and updates this week? Don't worry, we've got you covered.  Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook is making our lives a lot easier.Image: Microsoft outlook/itunesSomething for both Apple and Android users! The email service just made replying a little easier. Now, group conversations automatically open to the first unread Read more [...]

Here’s how to take photos even when your phone is out of storage

Seeing this pop up on my phone makes me cringe.Image: trevor boughton/TwitterBy Molly Sequin2017-07-15 14:29:38 UTC We've all been there. You get bombarded with "Storage Almost Full" notifications on your phone, but just keep rolling like the problem will magically fix itself. And then you hit that fateful moment: You try to snap a pic of that gorgeous vacation sunset and your phone says it literally can't take one more picture. There's no time to start deleting everything, so you just don't Read more [...]

After 10 years, I’m breaking up with Android

Image: Ambar Del Moral / mashableBy Freia Lobo2017-07-14 11:15:00 UTC The iPhone turned 10 years old this year, which makes it a full 10 years that I've never owned one — but I'm finally ready to take the leap.  As a millennial and internet addict, I've been asked so many times why I don't use an iPhone. I'd usually say it was the price or that I preferred Android — and both are true — but there's more to it. I grew up in India, so something about buying an iPhone always felt indulgent Read more [...]