Parents, this toy is really important

The 'Lammily' wheelchair hopes to teach kids and parents about inclusivity. The toy has already made a big impact with kids who have played with it.  The wheelchair was designed by Nickolay Lamm, who designed the widely popular 'Lammily' dolls. These dolls depict realistic body types and went viral when released.  The hope is that the wheelchair will see the same success. Lamm has committed to giving 5 percent of the proceeds to charity. Sounds like a win/win.  Read more...More about Read more [...]

Filipinos are confused about Ivanka Trump’s party snack choice

Ivanka Trump may know a little more about Filipino food traditions than the average American, going by the dish she served up this week. On Tuesday, Trump threw her daughter, Arabella, a birthday party where she served hot dog franks on skewers, topped with melted marshmallows. Yeah, it's not a dish you see very often. She shared the peculiar combination on Instagram Stories, and it raised plenty of eyebrows from American users on social media. Turns out the hot dog-marshmallow treat is commonly Read more [...]

You’ll soon be able to buy your kids a $500 Luke Skywalker Landspeeder

SAN DIEGO — For 40 years, kids enamored with Luke Skywalker's beat-up X-34 Landspeeder have had two choices: they could play with a tiny action figure version, or they could sit in a cardboard box and make speeder sound effects.  That has changed with the coolest Star Wars toy for younglings unveiled here at Comic-Con — the first officially licensed kids' size Star Wars Landspeeder, coming this September from Radio Flyer (and available for pre-order here).  The $499 toy, to be sold at Toys"R"Us, Read more [...]

Kids narrate the tough parts of growing up in cheeky animated videos

Animated cartoons aren't just for mindless Saturday morning binging. They're also empowering children to share stories about the toughest moments of their lives. Children from around the world are recording and submitting their real stories to Storybooth, a digital platform collecting kids' first-person narratives. The submitted stories are then turned into short animated cartoons narrated by the children who experienced them. The platform gives these kids a place to tell their stories — and Read more [...]

Get any temporary tattoo in seconds with this printer

'Prinker' is a temporary tattoo printer that uses cosmetic grade ink to apply a design on to your skin in seconds. The company says the tattoo can last for up to 3 days and will wash off with soap. Read more...More about Tech, Technology, Ces, Mashable Video, and Kids This article is published on 17 July 2017 9:29 pm Source link Read more [...]

Ice cream-stealing baby won’t let grandma get a taste

Give a baby food, and there will be a mess. Give a baby an ice cream cone? Forget it. Get ready for an ice cream bath.  Facebook user Ashley Cavanaugh posted this video of her baby daughter Emma sharing a cone with grandma. By "sharing," we mean stealing, and by "grandma," we mean the poor woman who's about to be completely covered in ice cream. Emma's truly becoming one with this cone. So much so that she literally gives it a hug to bring it closer. Grandma sneaks one lick in there before Emma Read more [...]

This new muppet on Afghanistan’s ‘Sesame Street’ shows kids how to respect women

Zari and Zeerak.Image: AP/REX/ShutterstockBy Emma Hinchliffe2017-07-15 19:33:49 UTC Sesame Street has always taught kids valuable lessons. Now, in Afghanistan, those lessons are set to include the importance of gender equality.  The country's version of Sesame Street, Baghch-e-SimSim, last year introduced a character whose aim was to inspire Afghani girls. Now, the show is adding a boy muppet who will show kids the importance of respecting women, the Associated Press reported.  The new muppet Read more [...]

Girl practicing ballet totally takes out little brother

When you were younger, did you ever hit your little sibling, realized how much you hurt them, and gave them a free shot to hit you back to be "even?" Well, this is a situation where one big sister owes her little brother a HUGE chance to get even. Twitter user Haley Funk posted this video of her practicing some ballet moves in her hallway, and her poor younger brother being in the wrong place at the wrong time. At first, you think he's in the clear after dodging the first spin. But then... ouch. Read more [...]

Get inspo for your new 2017 carefree makeup look from this terrifying kid

We've all done something we know we shouldn't have done—but probably will never face the consequences of our actions as beautifully as this little girl.   "What did you do? Did you take mommy's makeup?" The answer to those questions posed by a concerned, angry, and laughing mother is 'yes.' Yes, this little girl snuck into her mother's bag of makeup to give herself a Joker-esque makeover, and yes, she looks horrifying. But hey, it's hilarious and really makes you wanna be a kid again. Take Read more [...]

Helmet lets kids "drive" their parents because self-respect is overrated

'The Piggyback Driver' helmet will let kids feel like they're "driving" their parents when they get a ride on their shoulders. Read more...More about Kids, Parents, Driving, Kid, and Driver This article is published on 9 July 2017 3:00 pm Source link Read more [...]