New fake video tool can make Barack Obama say anything

Image: University of WashingtonBy Michael Nuñez2017-07-17 14:34:05 UTC We live in scary times. It's often hard to distinguish reality from fantasy, and it doesn't help that our very own president, Mr. Donald J. Trump, obsessively rants about "fake news media" anytime he's criticized. Sadly, fake news isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and it's probably going to get much worse in the near future thanks to new video editing tools being made by scientific researchers. Researchers at the University Read more [...]

Obama gets the grand tour of Indonesia’s royal palace

Image: BERRY/POOL/EPA/REX/ShutterstockBy Yvette Tan2017-07-03 04:24:57 UTC Obama is definitely having the best vacation ever. The former U.S. president got a tour of Indonesia's Bogor Palace, from Indonesian President Joko Widodo himself. The duo is seen on video whizzing around all 28 hectares of the palace on a golf cart and enjoying the company of a dozen or so deers that live on the palace's garden compounds. They also had a meal at the palace's on-site restaurant before Obama left for Read more [...]

The U.S. is reduced to a tiny footnote on a key climate statement

German Minister of Environment Barbara Hendricks (L) with EPA administrator Scott Pruitt (R).Image: Serrano'/AGF/REX/ShutterstockBy Andrew Freedman2017-06-13 16:54:22 UTC Over the course of just the past few weeks, the United States has gone from the world leader on fighting global warming to its biggest holdout.  The main trigger for this sudden role reversal was President Donald Trump's June 1 announcement that the U.S. would withdraw from the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change, Read more [...]

Trump flips the middle finger to the world, your future

President Trump, in a bid to keep a major campaign promise, announced Thursday that he is moving to withdraw the U.S. from the landmark Paris Agreement on Climate Change while he tries to miraculously strike a better deal. To young people, climate advocates and foreign leaders, this is a terrible nightmare.  To ordinary citizens generally concerned about climate change, but not convinced of the wisdom of this agreement, it may feel like an epic, bizarre case of political whiplash.  In Trump's speech, Read more [...]

President Obama stays far away from America with Prince Harry

President Barack Obama moved on from his picture-perfect vacation in Italy for basically the next-best thing: hanging out with Prince Harry.  The president met up with future Mr. Meghan Markle at Kensington Palace in London on Saturday, the palace shared on Twitter and Instagram.  The two world leaders discussed "a range of shared interests, including support for veterans, mental health, conservation, empowering young people and the work of their respective foundations," the palace noted.  The Read more [...]

Pete Souza shares adorable, perfectly-timed photo of the Obamas

A picture is worth 1,000 words, unless Pete Souza is posting it ... then it's worth 1,000 words, a flood of beautiful nostalgia, some laughter, a few tears of joy, and a glorious heap of shade. Obama's former White House photographer has become something of an icon on Instagram, frequently posting throwback photos of Obama in office that coincidentally (JK they are totally planned) seem to coincide with whatever Trump and his administration are up to at the moment. On Tuesday morning Souza blessed Read more [...]