Kind fishermen rescue a poor seal completely trapped in net

We hate seeing animals in distress, and wish we could rescue them all from harm's way. When two fishermen from Maine saw a seal trapped in a fishing net floating in the water, they immediately took action to rescue the little sea puppy. They lifted the seal onto their boat, and carefully cut away the net to set him free. The seal barks a bit throughout the process, but we think he knows he's in good hands. Once the net is cut, the seal wiggles free and is placed back into the water, but not before Read more [...]

But seriously, how do you get tapped inside an ATM?

On Wednesday afternoon, a Texas contractor became trapped inside an ATM building and used his wits (and some paper) to get out.  According to KRISTV, the contractor was changing the lock inside a room connected to a Bank of America ATM and accidentally locked himself inside. When people came to the ATM to get cash, the contractor slipped notes through the receipt slot begging for help since he left his cellphone in his truck. It sounds like a good idea and the notes were pretty straightforward Read more [...]

Beachgoers form human chain to save 9 people from drowning

Thanks to some quick thinking and innovative teamwork, approximately 80 beachgoers saved nine people from drowning at Panama City Beach in Florida this past weekend. After a riptide trapped six members of Roberta Ursrey's family, and three other swimmers, in its current on Saturday, onlookers at the beach worked together to form an impromptu human chain and rescue those struggling to stay above water, reports the Panama City News Herald.  According to the publication, beachgoer Jessica Mae Simmons Read more [...]

Watch these elephants save one of their own from drowning

A young elephant named “Hope” at the Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea, fell into deep water and began to drown before two elephants came to her rescue. Read more...More about Baby Animal, Elephant, Rescue, Baby Animals, and Elephants This article is published on 22 June 2017 9:41 pm Source link Read more [...]

These inmates could have escaped when an officer collapsed. Instead, they saved him.

Six inmates saw a man in need, not an opportunity to flee, when they saved an officer on duty after he collapsed during a work detail shift. According to TIME, the inmates were cutting grass at a cemetery near the prison in Polk County, Georgia, when the deputy sheriff fell face-first onto the ground. Instead of escaping the scene with the sheriff's gun and van, all six prisoners rushed to his aid.  They immediately called 911 on the officer's phone and pulled off his vest to try to keep him cool Read more [...]

Police still don’t know why this creepy SOS signal appeared in Australia

A mysterious SOS sign made of rocks spotted by a pilot flying over Swift Bay in Western Australia has perplexed authorities.  A ground search of the remote area quickly followed but yielded zero "recent human activity." The signal raised concerns that people could be stranded, and authorities have turned to the public for help. "Police are trying to establish if there are any missing persons in the area who require assistance," said authorities in a statement. "Anyone who can assist police with Read more [...]

Hero dog finds family cat under wreckage 2 months after fire

People say cats have nine lives, but we'll always be shocked by what some cats manage to live through. Like Ringer, a cat who somehow survived for two months under the floor of a house that had burned down. Christine Marr, Ringer's owner, posted about the miraculous rescue on Facebook. Two months ago, a fire destroyed Marr's home. While Marr and her dog Chloe were rescued from the flames, Ringer could not be found. That is, until Marr made a trip back to the spot of her old house with Chloe on Read more [...]