Kind fishermen rescue a poor seal completely trapped in net

We hate seeing animals in distress, and wish we could rescue them all from harm's way. When two fishermen from Maine saw a seal trapped in a fishing net floating in the water, they immediately took action to rescue the little sea puppy. They lifted the seal onto their boat, and carefully cut away the net to set him free. The seal barks a bit throughout the process, but we think he knows he's in good hands. Once the net is cut, the seal wiggles free and is placed back into the water, but not before Read more [...]

Lazy seal relaxing on rubber boat is more chill than you’ll ever be

Everyone enjoys a nice nap on a gently rocking boat, and that includes seals. The lazy chap above was filmed by Ronnie Huddleson off the coast of the Copeland Islands, Northern Ireland, recently. From the looks of his mildly grumpy face, Mr Seal wasn't best pleased by the disturbance. Video credit: Ronnie Huddleson via Storyful This article is published on 4 July 2017 11:59 am Source link Read more [...]