You’re going to want to visit the Northern Territory after watching these videos (Paid Content by Tourism NT)

Raise your hand if you’ve been to the Northern Territory before.  Thought so.  We're all guilty of getting a little too comfortable where we currently are, so it can take some serious motivation to go anywhere else. Or you'll go all out and travel to another country, because who wants to stay in Australia? You already live here. You've seen it. You'll convince yourself that you're totally fine in your state, and that every other state must be just like it, no matter how bad it is. (And let's Read more [...]

This company is helping to eliminate food waste

The U.S. puts 30-40% of our food into the dumpster instead of into the hands of those who are struggling to feed themselves and their families. In addition to this negative social impact, wasted food is also a terrible source of greenhouse gas emissions. That's why Spoiler Alert is working to fix the problem by giving providers the data they need to feed the hungry and help the environment. This article is published on 18 July 2017 7:07 pm Source link Read more [...]

6 social entrepreneurs helping build a better tomorrow (Paid content by UBS)

As the trend of social entrepreneurship takes root in economies around the globe, future-focused impact investors are stepping up to the plate to help build a better world for generations to come. The UN's Sustainable Development Goals are a set of 17 objectives to tackle global issues like hunger, joblessness, poverty, climate change, and food waste, among others. Below, we've selected six young people as examples of entrepreneurs bringing us closer to turning the UN's SDGs into realities. Brendan Read more [...]

5 lessons to reinvent your career path (Paid content by Capital One)

Dom Prescod came to the U.S. from his native Trinidad with dreams of working in the tech field. He’d been teaching himself how to code, but it was quickly becoming an exhausting and frustrating experience.    “The chances of getting a career through self-taught means was bleak,” he says. So he turned to General Assembly, a tech skills boot camp with locations all over the world, as a way to make a career change and learn the digital skills he needed in order to secure a brighter future.    For Read more [...]

The city of Madison celebrate their community with a little help from some hometown heroes (American Family Insurance)

It felt like a pep rally before the big game inside the gymnasium of Madison’s Goodman Community Center around 10 AM. Everyone’s favorite pregame anthem, 2 Unlimited’s “Get Ready For This,” blared from the speakers. Towering boxes of Cheerios, granola bars, mandarin oranges, peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, pasta and cans of marinara sauce lined one wall of the gym. Meanwhile, about 250 volunteers, organized into 18 teams, stood at their respective team tables anxiously awaiting the Read more [...]

A local organization is prepping for the biggest volunteering event of its kind (American Family Insurance)

Image: USFWSAlaska/visualhunt By Nicole Herviou2017-07-12 20:07:37 UTC A local organization in Georgia is poised to make a difference for their community with a two-day volunteering event that will rock their town. It's the largest event like it in the United States, so even though the event isn't until October, they're gearing up now. The organization – the Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services – has been running this event for 17 years, and it's changed quite a bit over time.  Gwinnett Read more [...]

4 apps that help new moms get through the day (Paid Content by Medela)

When you’re a new mom, your smartphone can be a saving grace. With new information hitting the web all the time, a concerned mom no longer has to wait for her doctor’s office to open to find out if that weird sound coming out of your baby’s mouth is normal. (Hint: it probably is.)    In addition to providing information – and an outlet to post the cutest pictures – smartphones have given way to apps that can help track information, set schedules, and provide a hint of relief for a job Read more [...]

How and why tennis became synonymous with powerful women (Paid content by Häagan-Dazs)

Today, the phrase "tennis superstars," calls to mind a long list of women: Venus and Serena, Caroline Wozniacki, Martina Hingis, Steffi Graf, Tracy Austin, Althea Gibson, amongst many, many more. These women not only excelled at the physical, they pushed the limits of the possible — and they also helped mold the sport into its modern form.  Billie Jean King, for example, established the Women's Tennis Association (WTA), which hosts the U.S. Open each year. Then there are iconic players like Ora Read more [...]

5 trending topics to start your morning off right (Sponsored Content by belVita)

There are a few telltale signs that you're just not naturally a morning person: For example, if "five more minutes" is the first thought that enters your head when you wake up, or if you tend to have a visceral, panicky reaction whenever you hear the particular jingle you use as an alarm playing on a passerby's phone. We know mornings can be rough, which is why in 2017, we're re-capping feel-good content from every corner of the internet once a month and packaging it as a morning pick-me-up.  Below Read more [...]

How you can make a meaningful impact on your community (American Family Insurance)

Even though we all have very busy lives, finding the time to make a difference is important. The biggest challenge, though, is knowing where to start. Even if we don't always know what projects are best for us to get involved with, small efforts can make a big impact. So rest assured, there are a few ways for you to use your talents and interests for the greater good. Here are some of the many different avenues you can take. 1. Volunteer at a food bank or shelter Contributing to the efforts of your Read more [...]