Footage shows plane’s impressive emergency landing on a highway

There are lots of things you may have to deal when traveling down the highway, such as traffic, bad drivers, or weather.  But sharing the road with an actual plane is definitely something no one expects to happen driving along a freeway. Motorists traveling along the Sunrise Highway in Long Island, New York, were shocked to see a small plane make a safe emergency landing directly in front of their car on Wednesday. After successfully touching down, the plane managed to pull over to the side of Read more [...]

News team accidentally plays the wrong clip and it is so very awkward

Cape Cod Potato Chips strikes again.  Local news bloopers can usually be blamed on awkward anchors messing up on air, but sometimes, the control room is to blame.  During a live broadcast on Boston's WBZ, the team accidentally placed a static image of Cape Cod Potato Chips on screen while discussing a violent home invasion.  It was pretty awkward, especially given the sensitivity of the subject matter.  This article is published on 19 July 2017 7:09 pm Source link Read more [...]

Big ole gator casually saunters across Florida golf course, probably upset they won’t let it play

Add this to the ever-growing list of reasons why to never visit the state of Florida.  If you are even a casual internet-er, you know already that alligators and playing golf go together like peanut butter and jelly in Florida. It's like they decided to only build golf courses on top of swamps down there.  Watch this gator stroll up and down the fairway at Osprey Point Golf Course as if it owns the damn place. Hell, maybe it does. It definitely at least is a course member by now. Probably pays Read more [...]

When Chris Christie caught a foul ball at a Mets game, the whole stadium booed him

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's popularity hasn't exactly been at an all-time high lately, what with Beachgate and all. So, when he happened to catch a foul ball left-handed at the Mets-Cardinals game on Tuesday night, baseball fans at Citi Field weren't quite thrilled. When it became clear that Christie was the one to catch the ball hit by Cardinals second baseman Paul DeJong, the crowd loudly booed the governor while he high-fived nearby fans. One announcer commented on the catch by saying, Read more [...]

American YouTube prankster gets charged for trespassing in Thailand

Image: My Mate Nate/YoutubeBy Yi Shu Ng2017-07-19 02:40:09 -0700 A popular American YouTuber has been given a misdemeanour charge in Thailand, after he posted a viral video of himself placing coins on a railway for trains to run over. 23-year-old Nathan Bartling, popularly known by his channel My Mate Nate, was charged this week with trespassing. The American citizen is fluent in Thai, and first came to Thailand as a missionary for a two-year stint, some four years ago. Later, he started his Read more [...]

One-hit-wonder Sisqó remakes the only song he’s famous for

Here are three words you never thought you'd hear: Sisqó is back.  Oh, c'mon. You know Sisqó! Does "The Thong Song" ring a bell? Well if you've been dying to know what he's been up to lately, we have the scoop. He's been busy making music, but by "making music," we mean re-releasing his only hit. The 41-year-old artist paired up with a Norwegian DJ trio JCY to remake the song with a modern, bass-dropping twist. And TBH, it's actually pretty good. OK, it's a real jam, but that's besides the Read more [...]

Good samaritan bitten by rabid bobcat trying to help man and his dog

A rabid bobcat attacked two men and a dog in Anthem, Arizona, on Sunday. According the Daisy Mountain Fire Department, a man was walking his German shepherd when a vicious bobcat began to chase them. A good samaritan saw the attack, jumped out of his vehicle and went to aid the man and his dog while another bystander filmed the incident. In the clip, the man can be seen pulling the bobcat off the dog, but when it releases, the bobcat grabs hold on the man's hand.  "Oh my god, now the bobcat's Read more [...]

Dog channels horse while letting out the cutest sneeze

Animal sneezes never fail to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. A good puppy sneeze does wonders for our moods. And we've found a very good sneeze from a very good pup that will lift your spirits, too. But don't be mistaken — even though you may think this dog is a horse after you hear his neigh-sneeze hybrid, this pup is still very much a pup. Very good horse attempt though. Turn your volume up, play this video on repeat one hundred times, and be happy. This article is published Read more [...]

Security cam footage shows break in was actually just a jerk goat

When employees of Argonics Inc. arrived at work on Monday morning, they discovered that the front door to their Colorado office had been shattered.  Initially, the team expected a burglary, but nothing was actually missing from the office. Luckily, the company had a security camera installed, which told a very different story. The camera captured a disorderly goat vandalizing the front door with a few good rams. When the glass on the door broke, the goat just proudly scampered away. What a jerk.  This Read more [...]

Here is the best bull wearing a tire like a tutu we’ve ever seen

"Don't know how he did it." A bull on the Weeping Fox Ranch in Hartley, Iowa, managed to get himself in a very odd predicament. Somehow, the 11-month animal got caught inside a large tractor tire that was being used as a hay ring in its enclosure. It sorta looks like a pool floatie, so maybe the bull was just trying to go for a dip. Luckily, the farmers managed to get the tire off the bull after just a few minutes of effort.  This article is published on 17 July 2017 8:46 pm Source Read more [...]