3 NBA players weirdly complain about a call in the exact same way

The forces of the universe often work and manifest in strange ways, but this is just plain bizarre. Draymond Green, Zaza Pachulia, and Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors all reacted the exact same way at the same exact time to a call they didn't like during their game against the San Antonio Spurs. This video of the moment was uploaded to Reddit by user fishyfoot. The three players line up side by side by side and swing their right arms in frustration at the same exact time. It's as if their Read more [...]

Dramatic Venice sculpture comes with a big climate change warning

Italy's famed city of Venice has grappled with flooding and encroaching waters since the Middle Ages. But as global warming speeds up sea level rise, the charming destination is steadily slipping underwater. Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn calls attention to this threat with his arresting, larger-than-life sculpture in the sinking city. Support features two 5,000-pound hands bursting out of the Grand Canal and grasping the walls of the historic Ca' Sagredo Hotel. "I have three children, and I'm thinking Read more [...]

The government wants Facebook to let you mass delete all your cringe teen posts

Have you always dreamed of deleting all your cringey, pre-18 social media history without having to check each post one by one?    The Conservative Party is here to serve you.  Under campaign pledges announced by UK Prime Minister Theresa May ahead of the June 8 snap elections, social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter will be forced to allow people to wipe out their whole pre-adulthood posting history.  It's a sort of "right to remove" or "right to innocence" measure, and companies Read more [...]

20 Best English Stories For Kids Collection | Story Time | Moral Stories For Kids In English

https://i.ytimg.com/vi/mTZymCDPKYs/hqdefault.jpg Amazing 20 English Stories For Kids Collection (Moral Stories For Kids In English, Story Time For Kids, Bedtime Stories For Kids). Loads of giggles are guaranteed! Sure you and your Kids will love watching it. For more fun stories and rhymes Subscribe to our channel : ►http://goo.gl/ufF6xP Popular Stories ⦿ 35 Best Short Stories For Kids : https://youtu.be/ZJICoozNBwI ⦿ Bundle of Sticks : https://youtu.be/s4pig8gaUbE ⦿ Everything Happens Read more [...]

What to expect when you’re expecting the net neutrality debate to begin

On Thursday,  the Trump FCC will vote to adopt a final “Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” (NPRM) that will officially begin the effort to repeal the 2015 network neutrality rules and the legal authority upon which they are based — Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. Title II says that broadband Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Comcast and AT&T are essential “telecommunications services,” and as such, can be prohibited from discriminating against or favoring certain Internet Read more [...]

I’m a GOP lawmaker and I’m not worried about AHCA because a Zoltar machine already told me how I’d die

Image: Mashable composite. Getty Images; Flickr/wwarbyBy Tyler Schmall2017-05-15 15:37:35 UTC Hello, I am a prominent GOP lawmaker and I fully support the AHCA bill that was passed through the House of Representatives.  To be fair, I don't believe the bill is in the best interest of the American people. I only support the bill because it won't personally affect me. No, not because of some loophole that excludes congressmen from being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions, but because Read more [...]

Uber’s self-driving car program just dodged a huge bullet — but still lost a key member

Another big roadblock for Uber's self-driving projectsImage: Eric Risberg/AP/REX/ShutterstockBy Marcus Gilmer2017-05-15 11:39:32 -0400 Uber's self-driving program will live to drive another day. A federal judge on Monday said that Uber will be allowed to go forward with its self-driving car program even as it faces another obstacle in its ongoing lawsuit with Google over self-driving technology. It's not all good news for Uber. A federal judge has granted an injunction that blocks its self-driving Read more [...]

Janelle Monáe delivers powerful commencement speech to Dillard University grads

Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesBy Kayla Bazile2017-05-15 15:40:16 UTC "It is our responsibility to sustain the future now." Dillard University's Class of 2017 was gifted with some parting words of wisdom by singer/actress Janelle Monáe during their graduation last Saturday. The "Tightrope" singer delivered a heartfelt commencement speech after receiving an honorary degree from the school. Monáe used her speech to talk about the influence her parents had on her upbringing as hardworking Read more [...]

Heroic delivery man brings pizza to ‘hangry’ stranded train passengers

A hungry passenger on a stranded Amtrak 161 en route to Washington D.C. was rescued by a brave and heroic delivery man.  Okay, maybe not rescued, but the delivery guy did bring him pizza and that's pretty much the same thing.  According to ABC News, Twitter user and train passenger Mitch Katz tweeted that he got "hangry" after waiting on the stalled train for more than an hour. So, he did what anyone would do in a moment of hunger-driven crisis - he rounded up some sustenance by calling up a local Read more [...]

‘Master of None’ breakout Alessandra Mastronardi on love, CVS, and that heart-stopping finale

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Master of None Season 2. You may have to look away from Master of None Season 2. As Dev (Aziz Ansari) grows close to his engaged Italian friend Francesca (Alessandra Mastronardi), the friendship stretches its definition to points of excruciating tension; touching foreheads in the dark, platonic bed sharing — you know, that special circle of hell. By the end of the season, Dev shares his feelings, and it turns out she feels the same and ends up back with Read more [...]