Somebody replaced the lightsaber sounds in Star Wars with Owen Wilson saying ‘wow

Remember seeing Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith in theaters? Remember when our heroes Young Obi-Wan and Young Darth Vader had to stop the uh...evil Count Dooku from....whatever he was doing? తోబుట్టువుల? బాగా, you've definitely at least noticed that actor Owen Wilson says the word "wow"in his movies a lot. Like really a lot. And everybody knows that the lightsabers in Star Wars don't sound like Owen Wilson saying "wow." What this video presupposes is...maybe they did? This simple replacement ఇంకా చదవండి [...]

Akbar Birbal Ki Kahani | The Unlucky Servant | बदकिस्मत नौकर | Kids Hindi Story Akbar Birbal Ki Kahani | The Unlucky Servant | बदकिस्मत नौकर | Kids Hindi Story Hi Kids! Welcome to Kids Stories in Hindi! Watch popular stories and Interesting, fun videos dedicated to kids of all ages. Kids Stories in Hindi is a one stop learning channel for growing kids . To know the value of life with fun in the way of story's . Kids Channel with full of animated short stories, learn and play series, panchtantra series, ఇంకా చదవండి [...]

Trans kids send a bold message to the president

These kids want you to know Donald Trump is no friend of theirs, no matter what he may say. To mark six months of Donald Trump's presidency, the Human Rights Campaign released a video of transgender children describing the support they receive from their friends, like acceptance, protection, and love. The video then parallels these comments with Trump's campaign claims that he will be a "friend to the LB and LGBT community," before showing the anti-trans policies he's implemented over the past ఇంకా చదవండి [...]

The ban on laptops on flights from the Middle East is finally over

It lasted four months.Image: AP/REX/ShutterstockBy Suzanne Ciechalski2017-07-20 15:46:46 UTC Finally, the electronics ban has been lifted. It’s been four months since passengers flying from 10 airports in the Middle East had their laptop (and other devices) privileges taken away. On Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security announced the ban was over, according to Reuters. With enhanced security measures in place, all restrictions on large PEDs announced in March for 10 airports/9 ఇంకా చదవండి [...]

‘Pokémon Goplayers can catch their first legendary Pokémon this weekend

For the first time ever, legendary Pokémon are coming to Pokémon Go. On July 22, if players around the world and at the Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago complete certain challenges, legendary Pokémon will appear all over the world in the form of raid battles. Players will have to work together at gyms to defeat the ultra-strong Pokémon in order to capture them. The first group of legendary Pokémon appears to include the legendary birds from the first two generations: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, ఇంకా చదవండి [...]

Apple wants to create an army of machine learning developers

Machine learning is one of the hottest buzzwords in tech right now, and it generally refers to software that can improve itself based on user response. But not all developers (including Apple itself) know how to take full advantage of it. Back in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, Apple announced new machine learning integrations so developers could bring it into their apps. Now Apple is giving even more guidance with a Machine Learning Journal, which is all about closing ఇంకా చదవండి [...]

Your PB&J is about to get a whole lot better with rosé jelly

The world just can't get enough rosé, even in nonalcoholic form it seems. With the invention of rosé deodorant, gummy bears, and yes, even rosé Alfredo sauce (uh, no thanks), wine drinkers and cool kids everywhere are more obsessed with the millennial pink-colored bubbly than ever before. And if you think the trend is on its way out and poured down the drain — think again. You can now add a bit of pink to your lunch with rosé jelly. The great company brain behind the jelly is appropriately ఇంకా చదవండి [...]

Ryan Reynolds fulfills a young cancer patient’s wish with a special FaceTime

Daniel Downing is a five-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. In the few months he has left to live, the young Marvel fan had the opportunity to chat with his hero, Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool. Reynolds called the boy this week and humored him for about 15 minutes with cheerful conversation. "As soon as Daniel realized, he asked if he could FaceTime him and then he was very, very hyper," Daniel's mother told The Herald. Video of the two of them chatting went ఇంకా చదవండి [...]

Elon Musk’s Boring Company could be expanding to the East Coast

Elon Musk is ready to take his Boring Company's tunnels outside of California. The eccentric businessman outlined some new potential sites for his tunnels in a series of tweets, teasing an East Coast network of the super-fast underground transportation networks. Musk cited "verbal government approval" for his new projects, which would conceivably connect major eastern US cities like New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC. Just received verbal govt approval for The Boring Company ఇంకా చదవండి [...]

Atari’s Speakerhat with built-in stereo speakers will annoy everyone

Atari's mounting a comeback with the Ataribox, its first game console in decades, but it's also selling baseball caps with built-in speakers. Yeah, really. The Speakerhat is part of "Atari Connected Life," a subdivision that's "all about retro, arcade & mobile gaming, modern PC & console games. + web & connected tech and all things cool, geeky and fun," according to its Twitter bio. ది, uh, "wearable" is actually made by Audiowear and though technical details are scant, it's exactly ఇంకా చదవండి [...]